Ch 15 First Impression Prompt

Michelle Obama’s work on the Change Direction movement helped propel the movement in the right direction. By generating a positive network around the movement, it will be able to spread at an exponential rate. The movement is based around people looking out for one another and noticing signs of mental health issues. The strengths of the movement lie in the people who are taking part. The movement is only as strong as its members. If there is a large group of people helping, the movement will be powerful. The biggest weakness, however, is the American society. Too many people are focused on nothing but themselves. If we want this movement to be effective, people will have to look out for others, which is not a common thing here.

The movement strives to educate on the importance of mental health. People need to be more open about their mental struggles. The movement aims to get people to open up to those around them. College students will try to pay attention to the movement, but most will ultimately give up. There is not enough time in the day for a college student. They generally will spend their time trying to get work done, eating, studying, and sleeping if they are lucky. Especially around this point in the semester, students are constantly busy and under stress, so they don’t have time to worry about their health, physical or mental. As long as they are able to make it to class, they will regardless of how they feel. If the college wanted to get people to pay attention to a movement similar to the Change Direction movement, their best bet would be to try to have it in the beginning of the semester. If they did this, students would be able to keep the information in mind when the semester winds down and everyone is struggling.

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